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Monday, April 16, 2012

Check out Ryan's Cartoonist's Diary at TCJ

This is awesome, can't wait to see what Ryan does in his diary. Will it be as steamy as his diaries from France? or will his Japanese students rebel and crucify him on top of a robo-dino's back as the school slowly drifts away into void....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SF Supplementary File #2C


I'm excited to announce that SF Supplementary File #2C has been completed and is now available for worldwide distribution. It's the final installment of SF Supplementary File #2, a 3-part zine devoted to Matsumoto Leiji's Queen Emeraldas.

SFSF#2C is bigger than the previous two parts: 52 pages, printed by risograph in 12 different colors at Retro Jam in Osaka, and hand-assembled by Ryan Cecil Smith.  You can buy it for $6.

However, SFSF#2C is only one third of a zine. If you don't have the previous two parts, you should buy the complete set. You can read about the previous 2 issues here. Get all 3 together for $14. 

SFSF#2A cover SFSF#2B cover

This is new information! I want you to read this, and to know what is inside!

No one knows...

Monday, December 12, 2011

SFSF#2B is now available

SFSF#2B intro SFSF#2B cover

Boundless Ocean Boy discovers a new world.

11x17cm, risograph covers in Blue, Black, and RED. 32 pages inside, printed in BLUE, LIGHT BLUE, PURPLE, PLUM, DARK PLUM, and BLACK. $4.

Monday, November 28, 2011

SF Supplementary File #2 - ready for BCGF!

SF Supplementary File #2A
Hi CCC friends! I've got a new SF Supplementary File, and this one is different. It's a limited edition 3-part minicomic, and the whole thing is a hand-drawn, hand-written reproduction from Matsumoto Leiji's 1979 science fiction manga series Queen Esmeraldas.

Get this... SF Supplementary File #2 will be broken into 3 parts: 1 issue published in November,  the 2nd in December, and the last issue will be be released in January 2012. Every one is printed in color by Retro Jam Printing in Osaka, & hand-assembled by me. You can buy the whole 3-part issue for $14, or do it piece-by-piece:
SFSF#2A cover SFSF#2B cover

SFSF#2A - Available now, "OFFICIAL DEBUT" at Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, 2011. 11x17cm, risograph covers in Blue, Orange, Red, and BLACK. 24 pages inside, risograph printed in BLUE. $4:

SFSF#2B - Officially released as part of the CCC 9.5 Minicomic Anthology. 11x17cm, risograph covers in Blue, Black, and RED. 32 pages inside, printed in BLUE, LIGHT BLUE, PURPLE, PLUM, DARK PLUM, and BLACK. $4:

SFSF#2C - The issue is finally complete on January 11 2012! 11x17cm, risograph colors in Aqua, Red, Green, and Black. 52 interior pages printed in 11 colors: Green, Turquoise, Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Plum, Lavendar, Red, Black, Aqua, and Peach. $6:

IMG_3345photo 4.JPGphoto 1.JPG SFSF#2Bpurplesfsfp6sfsfp4sfsfp3 SF Supplementary File #2B

Thursday, September 15, 2011

GCSS 2049

I'm about to catch a plane to Hong Kong. I'll be there for 10 days, loafing about. Before I leave, I'll share something that I drew around the time I first started working on SF. You can see different versions of two characters. Or maybe the same versions, or maybe different characters, I dunno, it's just a comic: Partners in Space Say hello if you're in town! Bye bye guys I'll tell you all about it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tokyo Art Book Fair

I'll be in Tokyo this weekend at the Tokyo Art Book Fair. Come say hi!

Two Eyes of the Beautiful in NEW COLOR

I reprinted Two Eyes of the Beautiful with a new color cover. It's only 4 bucks so why not BUY IT?

This is a photo of me and Andy Jenkins at the Ron Rege show in Kyoto last weekend. The gallery is run by the publisher Pressop who made the sweet Dan Clowes Deathray doll that's debuting at SDCC. You know about that right?

Oh hey I have a Tumblr too:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CCC at Osaka Zine Fair


Last Saturday I boarded a subterranean elevator, crawled through an undersea tunnel, and emerged into the afternoon light at FLOAT, the live music space in Nishikujo hosting this year's Osaka Zine Fair.

Mika and Anna did a great job organizing the show. It was exciting to see so many people in this "scene" all at one place (I mean, I had never been to something like this before in Osaka). There were several workshops, including a "Lynda Barry" workshop (no, she was not present) and a kids' activity called "Walking With Bear." Homemade snacks were on sale in the front. It was nice to relax by the river adjacent to the building. Beautiful day, too.

Hanging out on the river

There were a lot of people with different kinds of work. Not so many comics. A lot of nice Riso printing. I found out about a popular Risograph print shop in the area called Retro Jam Printing, that specializes in zines, flyers, and posters! Also, can you believe: there was another American guy who went to MICA at the same time as me! I used to see this guy around the Brown Center all the time. Small world, right? Sam is also currently in the JET program, in Nara.

Osaka Zine Fair

Osaka Zine Fair

I debuted SF Supplementary File #1, but didn't make a lot of sales until Sayaka showed up in the end & started chatting up the passersby. We went home and spent the money on pizza and read zines on the kitchen floor:

My haul

Finally, this is a giant bear head! Over and out! (P.S. Thanks to Victoria Long for the photos here -& see you next time you're in town, I hope!)

Giant Bear Head

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SF Supplementary File #1 available ONLINE and IN PRINT

SF Supplementary File #1

The comics community has been abuzz in recent weeks following the release of SF #1, CCC's new adventure series about a boy caught up in the galactic war between the Space Pirates who killed his parents, and the team of Scientist Fighters who invite him to join the Space Fleet.

TCAF was a big success for SF, but we're even more excited that Ryan Cecil Smith released the first in a brand new line of minicomics that will explore back-stories and sub-plots in the SF universe. This new miniseries is called SF Supplementary Files.

SF Supplementary File #1 is a 12-page coming-of-age tale about Gorum, the rugged outdoorsman of the Space Fleet Scientific Foundation Special Forces. Where is he from? What sparked his interest in science? How did he become so tough and rugged? What is his dark past?

The answers are available to everyone in the blogosphere, because the whole issue is available ONLINE! Check it out! Come back... we'll wait. Loved it? We knew it! Lucky for you, you can order your own physical copy of SFSF #1. It's just 2 dollars, so grab it before the limited edition of 100 copies quickly sells out.

Ryan Cecil Smith has been writing, drawing, and publishing comics in America, Europe, and Japan for 8 years. He is a founding member of the art blog and comics anthology Closed Caption Comics, now in its 9th issue.

SF Supplementary File #1

SF Supplementary File #1

SF Supplementary File #1


Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm going to the Osaka Zine Fair

Please join us tomorrow if you can. Click here for more info.

I'll be debuting this zine:

SF Supplementary File #1, 1/5

Thursday, April 28, 2011

SF to debut at TCAF, available to order online NOW

Front Cover - see it glisten

Ryan Cecil Smith is proud to announce his new book SF will debut at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival on May 8 - 9, 2011. Look for it at the Closed Caption Comics table in the Small Press Room, curated by Wowee Zonk. As of this announcement, SF is also available to order directly via Paypal.

SF is about a little boy named Hupa Dupa whose house gets blown up by space pirates, so he's recruited into the Space Fleet Scientific Foundation Special Forces to fight them. This is a new, continuing series inspired by Matsumoto Leiji's celebrated sci-fi manga Queen Millenia.

The book is 6 5/8" x 9", 36 pages, RISO printed and hand-manufactured, $6.

Ryan Cecil Smith has been writing, drawing, and publishing comics in America, Europe, and Japan for 8 years. He is a founding member of the art blog and comics anthology Closed Caption Comics, now in its 9th issue.

Back Cover - sniff my ink
SF #1