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TCAF unabridged report! plus PARTY PATROL section

first thing's first...
 the Haul:

From top left: Alien Invasion by Lala Albert, Happiness #1and#2 edited by Leah Wishnia, Fiesta en Piyama by Ines Estrada, Conon and Freal Real by Pat Aulisio, Wayward Girls by Michiel Budel, Gang Bang Bong #1 and #2 edited by Ines Estrada and Ginette LaPalme, The Dolls Weekly and the Crawlee Things by Rory Hayes, Talk of the Wolf by Adam Buttrick, Dogcrime Blex Bolex, Idyeahs by Jesse B Harris, Planet of the Vulvas and 3 by Hughes Micol, Rat Hex by Deforge, McManus and others, Rub da Blood by Secret Prison, Hellberta by Michael Comeau, Kid Mafia #2 by Micheal Deforge, Distance Mover and Grave Gang by Patrick Kyle, Black Metal Anthology by Davis Weir, Untitled by Connor Willumsen, Snake Oil #7 by Chuck Forsman, L'imprtant c'est de participen! from Cornelius, and Horrible by Patrick Kyle, Michael Deforge, Chris Kuzma and Zach Worton!

So many excellent books at TCAF. The most exciting find for me was "Planet of the Vulvas" and "3" by Hughes Micol. I had never seen his work before (probably because he has nothing translated in english!). I stumbled upon "Planet of the Vulvas" at the Cornelius table, the fake pulp style cover immediately drew me in. The style is fast and painterly, imagine frenchy Pettibon-esque erotic comics. The other book, "3", is in a somewhat different style, reminescent of Taiyo Matsumoto's "Five" meets Geof Darrow's "Hard Boiled." "3" appears to be strait to ink, no pencils style. There are visible mistakes and it's chunkier than "Planet of the Vulvas."  After watching him personalize my books, it occured to me that "3" was done without pencils, it's inspiring to see an artist spill it out in the moment without hesitation, here's some pics.

Other notables from the show:
Patrick Kyle had a bunch of new books. His Doug Wright nominated series, Black Mass, is over; and Patrick has moved on to new territory: "Distance Mover" and the horror magazine "Horrible." These were some of my faves from the show. I really like the old man style of his piece in "Horrible." Also it's good to know that WEIRD has some competition on the scene!!!

"Snake Oil 7" by Chuck Forsman is really killer. Chuck hits the teen angst chord with perfection, it's frightening. His other series "TEOTFW" is a must. I've known Chuck for some years and it's been awesome to see him hone his style. It's crazy to watch someone from what I would define as "my generation" or my "peer group" really hit their stride. I've been feeling that lately. "Wow, so many of my friends are making the best work they've ever made." It's that weird feeling of realization that we won't wallow in a shadow forever! WE'RE BREAKING OUT! Also Chuck's comics are right in line with the new "Grunge" revival, LOL.

I'm really into "Wayward Girls" by Michiel Budel. These comics are amazing and I feel a strange kindred spirit within. Like... in some alternate reality I would've made these comics. It's the mixture of adolescent characters, weird sexuality, and Spooky/Goofy style. If you've read my comics "Damp Casket at the Funeral Parlour" and "Leon the Inappropriate Janitor" you might understand what I'm talking about. Definitely get this one! I must admit, I'm envious of the writing, there's something about foreign comics when they are translated, sometimes they can take on this awkward and blunt use of english, this comic has that working in full force!

"Hellberta 2" by Michael Comeau was a great follow up. I really love Comeau's style, very harsh and visionary. If you like Wolverine, you gotta get this!

One more note, the new (haha "new") Rory Hayes book is amazing. I feel like the book came out of a dream. How often does your favorite dead comic artist come out with a book of childhood comics?... one word: PERFECTION.


On Friday night we're packin up everything for the show. The Wowee Zonk crew brought these life size paintings of their characters, unfortunately I think they were abandoned in the library after the show, lost souls wandering forever through the stacks.
Saturday morning, Lane and I in support of "Sock 2" "Difficult Loves" "WEIRD magazine" and "Death Trap." The table was packed at the start of the day, but our supplies quickly depleted.

Lane kinda looks like that guy in the panel by his thumb... WeIrD...
Chuck Forsman stops by, notice across the room Derek Ballard and Keith Jones struggling to keep it together.

Lane makes a new friend, "Lamby-blood Butters"

End of day 1, I caught this person outside, what's going on here? this ain't OTAKON! Hold off and show some restraint! Otakon is just a few months away, in the mean time, keep that lolita outfit at home :)

Ah! JOE! I was so excited to see Joe, hadn't seen this guy since Brooklyn Fest 2010. He's a fine and proper Brit. You might remember him with the Landfill crew... but in case you forgot...
FLASH BACK to BCGF 2010. There's a young smilin Joe, before the harsh world forced a frown deep upon his mug, and before the hair strarted to grow.
We make a B-line to the burger joint.

"Those were the best days"
Saturday night at the Doug Wright award ceremony: MICHAEL COMEAU WON! Michael looks down in shame as Jeet Heer gives a statement of praise.
thirsty man
haha, Michael showed the audience how much he could swallow.
A nice speech, and well deserved award! HELLBERTA RULES!
"Convenience Milk"
Milburn... Closet Scientologist?...
after the "after party" we are in search of more fun, and there are rumors of karaoke buzzing on the cellular device!
What's the scoop?
we find a hole in the street and enter.
We walk down a hallway decorated with discarded laser discs.
We enter a door... door#3
WHOO HOOOO KARAOKE PARTY! This was an insane and surreal event.
That's me doing Roy Orbison's "In Dreams"
Michael Deforge delivers "Torn" with passion. PRICELESS
Hellen Jo and Ryan Sands (in mid air) doin "Party in the USA"
Lane "Dancin Man" Milburn
Deforge and Patrick Kyle with a fresh limp style do "Break Stuff" ... WOW.
Ben Marra on SKID ROW
Lane Milburn is a Judas Priest
he can scream like Halford!
Kristie Winther and Pendleton Ward deep in a Ring of Fire!
Wowee Zonk duet
Ben Marra joins with tamborine
Hellen Jo and Michael Deforge on "Don't Stop Me Now." This was my favorite of the whole night, got stuck in my head real bad.
Train wreck in the hallway....  2:30 am...  There were a few songs that were better left undocumented like Lane and I doing "Bawitdaba," Ben and Pen doing "Walk," and Lala, Chris, and Patrick delivering a real spirited "Basket Case." More pics over at Ryan Sands flickr 
Day 2 and stocks are dwindling
Pic of Michael Comeau's table where I scored a cool Wolverine shirt. Look out for Michael in WEIRD 2 with some rippin Son of Satan comics.
I don't know what it means
Paparazzi ATTACK! I got em on film, Ines Estrada and Lala Albert. Caught 'em like a Pokemon.
Ben Marra checkin out the Wowee Zonk curated small press room. Lala and Ines had a table next to us, sporting some really beautiful books.
To our left was the Wowee Zonk table. They had so much great stuff and the new anthology is the best issue yet! 
It's cool that TCAF is free and in a library. It allows for things like this to happen!
Ines, Patrick, and Lala :) we had a chill Mr. Rogers style moment, talking about anime and manga. You know... "bonding"
The End of the show and I felt depleted in a satisfying way.


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