Saturday, May 26, 2012

PF 2012 news


Püss Füst is a festive marathon of all lady phenomena. The festival brings together a wide range of local & international female artists’ work into a unique multimedia event. Photos of past PF’s can be seen at PF tumblr & at Open Space Flickr

Püss Füst is officially happening again this fall, and in order to pull this jammer off, we will have a few fundraising events this summer. For our first event we will have the aural pleasures of:

ghost life (members wheatie mattiasich, more dogs, thank you, oxes, & more)
tween omens (members crazy dreams band)
secret mountains (members lands & peoples)
& djing by every person’s favorite library + stacey & babs

The event will also kick off the official open call for submissions for the festival happening in November at d : center at North Avenue Market.

Admission will be $5 before 10, $7 afterwards // also it’s a fundraiser, there will be items for sale or if you’re just feeling generous donations are welcome and appreciated.

promo by sarah konigsburg

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