Wednesday, May 02, 2012

headed to TCAF!

Lane and I will be in the Wowee Zonk curated Small Press Room at TCAF
come find us for:

SOCK 2 (i'm in this, so i can't respectfully say, "this is the best," so without respect, THIS IS THE BEST!)

DIFFICULT LOVES (Molly O'Connell's new sickness, this one is a MUST!)

WEIRD (my horror magazine, DON'T TALK ABOUT IT...EVER)

WEIRD TEASER 2 (Jon Chandler, Leon Sadler, Noel Freibert, small scubby mini WEIRD issue)

CCC9 (Super sale price, only $10, that's half off, their almost gone! get these out of my room!)

I'll have a bunch of other rarities and prints, too many to list now, I'm leaving now to catch the bus

... I'll see you in the wholesome city, squash the violence

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