Thursday, April 05, 2012

Primitive Computers and Caveman Skillz

I've been making a lot of stuff but i haven't posted in a while. These are all covers for Vlonde cassettes. "The Grief of O" is almost gone gone gone...I'm getting 10 more copies from the label this week and then thats it. "Rattus Norvegicus" just came out on Marginal Products this week and "Bury Me..." and "2" come out this week as well on Friends Records. You can hear these tapes and more at

Marginal Products is finally happening...
This is a cassette cover i made for a young musician from Chicago named Jake Lingan. He is a weird guy, but his music is really killer...
Finally I just finished this design for a Baltimore production of "Teibele & Hurmizah" a polish erotic fable in english and yiddish... Interesting job!

I have made probably a dozen other posters and recorded some nu tunes which i will post soon.

Also I FINALLY FINISHED MY CCC 9.5 and MCO is done with hers too so as soon as we get erin's we will ship them out to the early birds who already gottem.

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