Monday, April 09, 2012

"Ergot of the Mind"

CCC's very own Noel F. Freibert received a nod from Comics Personality Frank Santoro in his latest New Talent Showcase over at TCJ.

"I’ve been watching Noel refine his voice over the years and as a fan of his work, I gotta say this is the one that feels like a bullseye." Says Santoro. Also, "What I mean is that – to me – this loose group of younger artists who encountered Kramers Ergot #4 all those years ago have taken the underground/artcomics football and scored their own touchdown. Check it out."

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LMSN said...

The review Kramer's Ergot has so marked the past 10 years on designs that succession is complicated - Weird tent, with an aesthetic dirtier, poorer, but richer in tracks, beyond the design itself. To be continued.