Saturday, January 14, 2012


 details: 74 pages, 2-color interior, edition of 250
It's the new Horror Culture Magazine edited by Mr. Noel Freibert
featuring works by:
Neil Reinalda
Jim Novack
Jason T Miles
Molly O'Connell
Leo Hussey
Conor Stechschulte
Jesse McManus
Jon Chandler
Matthew Thurber
Anya Davidson
Karswell presents "Nightmare Island"
Lane Milburn
Leon Sadler
Mollie Goldstrom
E. Rex Eiyon
Carlos Gonzalez
Massimiliano Bomba
Caroline Bren
Zach Hazard Vaupen

$12 (sold out)

the editor is waiting for your feedback!


Ryan Cecil said...

whoa! the insides look even better than i imagined. i cant wait to read this!

Joe Vénér' said...

very good

LMSN said...

Open email message to the Editor (Noel Freibert)

i especially liked the reprinted horror story because it was hard ot understand who made it and why they came up with that idea, and it was just so utterly compressed.

there were a couple of comics in there that i wasn't too keen on, they felt a bit too much like they were considerate of the person they were entertaining or somehting, i dunno, like not really exploring the true horror of the human soul, or even the soul of true horror, u know what i mean? and some of them, liek caroline bren's, i just wish they had more pages to continue the thing they had established just there. looking at mine again i would've liked to drag that out across a few more pages and just try to communicate my idea with a bit more fluency or something.

i thought the overall pacing and placement of things within the book was just right, i LOVE the lettrs page. i thought the story "don't move in there" was excellent because it was kind fo liek one of those 'badly' written but truly creepy sex fictions u can find. I really really liked the initial description of the bedroom closet too!
and i really loved your introduction comic, i found the characters extremely charming and cute!! something really satisfying about it, in a similar way to a really well done 'cookie monster' sketch.

I hope you'll do more!! you should invite this guy, his stuff is horrible:
Jon C recommended me his 'Scare Crawler' story, but a while ago I saw some other really godo stuff which he has since hidden :-(
there is so much of this horror fantasy stuff about or whatver but i fel like his stuff is very very pure.

what do u think about your Weird magazine, now that it's out in the world?

i look forward to your response!

your humble hunchback,

-Leon Michael Sadler

D{ said...

I can't believe there's only 1 issue! No Lane Milburn pages from TG blog post!? KEEP IT WEIRD!!! Sicks beside Sock! Blacker!! THEY MADE ME SAY THIS. Never enough wild art!!