Thursday, January 19, 2012

TWELVE GEMS RE-REVEALED: An Elusive Beast Re-emerges..... or does it?

I know I've been playing the cards close to my chest. Many projects are materializing and de-materializing. TG is at about 80 pages now. I hope to have another 30-40 done by the end of the year to round out the first big volume. But how will it find its way through the printing press and into your hands? Questionable questions abound. Working on a zine called MORS ULTIMA RATIO. Stay tuned, faithful. NO ONE KNOVVS VVHAT VVILL COME.

In time.
Lane Milburn

Saturday, January 14, 2012


 details: 74 pages, 2-color interior, edition of 250
It's the new Horror Culture Magazine edited by Mr. Noel Freibert
featuring works by:
Neil Reinalda
Jim Novack
Jason T Miles
Molly O'Connell
Leo Hussey
Conor Stechschulte
Jesse McManus
Jon Chandler
Matthew Thurber
Anya Davidson
Karswell presents "Nightmare Island"
Lane Milburn
Leon Sadler
Mollie Goldstrom
E. Rex Eiyon
Carlos Gonzalez
Massimiliano Bomba
Caroline Bren
Zach Hazard Vaupen

$12 (sold out)

the editor is waiting for your feedback!

I Finally Have Paypal!

After many years in exile, I've finally restored my ability to use Paypal!



United States:

Also, if you're interested, I've just finished updating my Baker Artist Awards site. It's got an overview of most of the work I've done in the past 4 years.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SF Supplementary File #2C


I'm excited to announce that SF Supplementary File #2C has been completed and is now available for worldwide distribution. It's the final installment of SF Supplementary File #2, a 3-part zine devoted to Matsumoto Leiji's Queen Emeraldas.

SFSF#2C is bigger than the previous two parts: 52 pages, printed by risograph in 12 different colors at Retro Jam in Osaka, and hand-assembled by Ryan Cecil Smith.  You can buy it for $6.

However, SFSF#2C is only one third of a zine. If you don't have the previous two parts, you should buy the complete set. You can read about the previous 2 issues here. Get all 3 together for $14. 

SFSF#2A cover SFSF#2B cover

This is new information! I want you to read this, and to know what is inside!

No one knows...