Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BCGF (inside scoop/party patrol)

The best thing about the Brooklyn Fest and the reason it's the only comic show worth going to in the USA is because awesome artists and friends come to the same spot and we all get to spend time together in real flesh life, everyone gets to hang out and smell each other, it's so much better than the internet!
Ryan our man-in-japan asked me to take some pictures at the show, i was too overwhelmed and basically failed at documenting the show, i managed to take the three snaps below, whoops, sorry Ryan :(

taking candy from a baby
bad pic of the table

Ben Marra and wad
The show is awesome and there is a very high percentage of great work at the show, even the lowest level of work present at the show is still "good." This is our third year showing at the BCGF and I can say without a doubt, "it's the best."
Anyway, the after party is always a total blast. Bill Kartalopoulos and Lizz Hickey do it up. Last year was all about the Pork Slap, this year: Brooklyn Brews, flavored vodka, and specialty Brinkman and Rege beers, whoooo! Lots of funny conversations, talkin about relationships, having a partner that can enjoy comics is essential! Everyone was powering down from the intensity of the show. Here's the inside scoop on the party.

Molly, Erin, me
Molly giving Erin a tongue injection

Patrick Kyle WASTED!
Conor and Zack Soto embrace after a peaceful "happy smoke"
this is the madness of the after party, Rachel doing yoga on a stool
4:30am and still raging on the floor

During the party it appeared that someone had stolen Conor's jacket, cellphone, and car keys...
Totally freaked out we went into Party Patrol mode and got down to some detective business,
long story short, Jesse McManus stole Conor's stuff!

McManus mug shot, he's already dressed in jail bird stripes ready to go "down town"
HaHaHa. It was pretty amusing to find out that Jesse had the stuff, we all met up the following morning and had breakfast by the river, it was a beautiful hang-over repairing time.

Caroline, Anya, Leslie, Max, Zane... nom nom nom
Molly's Irish blood continues to rage
the Chicago Crew! Zane, Anya, Andy, Leslie, Max
It was really great to see our friends from Chicago. Anya was featured in the new Kramers Ergot! Movin on up! Seriously she deserves it! Andy, Leslie, and Max are all roommates and comic artists, they've been making some amazing work all holed up together. Max edited the anthology "Vacuum Horror" it features the entire Chicago crew. I would also recommend hunting down Andy's IDTN Group books, they are insane.

Black Pus!
later on Sunday our band Witch Hat played with Black Pus! That was great. Brian didn't come down for the fest, but it was awesome to hang at the show, a little icing on the cake

On Monday we saw Maurizio Cattelan's retrospective at the Gugg. Really inspiring stuff, highly recommended and.....


Brynocki C said...


morryo said...

you captured a really cute bench moment by the river serendipitously in the chicago babies pic

Tee See Yes said...


McManus didn't go un-repaid! I squeezed my scent glands all over his version of black jacket!

max clotfelter said...

u find my nife?

Jesse McManus said...

i didn't discover this blog entry 'til almost a month later...i've been wondering why my jacket smells like chopped meat.......

this was the best time, i'm glad it's been semi-documented