Monday, November 28, 2011

SF Supplementary File #2 - ready for BCGF!

SF Supplementary File #2A
Hi CCC friends! I've got a new SF Supplementary File, and this one is different. It's a limited edition 3-part minicomic, and the whole thing is a hand-drawn, hand-written reproduction from Matsumoto Leiji's 1979 science fiction manga series Queen Esmeraldas.

Get this... SF Supplementary File #2 will be broken into 3 parts: 1 issue published in November,  the 2nd in December, and the last issue will be be released in January 2012. Every one is printed in color by Retro Jam Printing in Osaka, & hand-assembled by me. You can buy the whole 3-part issue for $14, or do it piece-by-piece:
SFSF#2A cover SFSF#2B cover

SFSF#2A - Available now, "OFFICIAL DEBUT" at Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, 2011. 11x17cm, risograph covers in Blue, Orange, Red, and BLACK. 24 pages inside, risograph printed in BLUE. $4:

SFSF#2B - Officially released as part of the CCC 9.5 Minicomic Anthology. 11x17cm, risograph covers in Blue, Black, and RED. 32 pages inside, printed in BLUE, LIGHT BLUE, PURPLE, PLUM, DARK PLUM, and BLACK. $4:

SFSF#2C - The issue is finally complete on January 11 2012! 11x17cm, risograph colors in Aqua, Red, Green, and Black. 52 interior pages printed in 11 colors: Green, Turquoise, Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Plum, Lavendar, Red, Black, Aqua, and Peach. $6:

IMG_3345photo 4.JPGphoto 1.JPG SFSF#2Bpurplesfsfp6sfsfp4sfsfp3 SF Supplementary File #2B

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Very excited for this! Thank you!!