Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zine Dream Ruled!

Witch Hat canceled the Providence and Worcester shows, so i thought i'd do a little hurricane blogging about my travels in Toronto, "the wholesome city."

after the show, ice cream sandwich stupor, Jesjit Gill on the far left is the organizer of Zine Dream, he has an amazing print studio, he is a printing maniac! he is responsible for the Free Drawings newspaper and "pay what you can tye-dye shirts",  LOL! His books are impeccable, find them if you can! I stayed with Patrick Kyle and Ginette (both on the far right) two of the three parts that make up Wowee Zonk. The Man Michael Deforge is poking in between them. Word on the street is new Wowee Zonk and new Lose are in line for TCAF! O shit was that top secret.  A swell and talented crew, swelling with talent. Toronto is really potent with hot comics talent.

makes me think... what the fuck is happening in baltimore.................... where all the talent at?
Michael Comeau collage in the display at Suspect Video, right next to the Beguiling!

the CCC table

nice t-shirt of Lindsey Lohan asleep, rendered in beautiful airbursh grey, available only at Zine Dream 

Mark Connery and Marc Bell in support of Melamine Car Bomb, Connery's new book. It's a really amazing book, it has that unmonumental perfection and it'll surprise you, you'll pick it up over and over again. It'll keep you thinking, keep you brain working. "WE WANT TO BE AMATEURS"

Connery is a total character too, it was a delight to meet him.



DEFORGE TABLE costumed attendee

Zine Dream

Patrick Kyle has an awesome newspaper dispenser outside of Annie Koyama's office,  a little leaky but it gets the job done! power to the people! take it to the streets!

see you at TCAF


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