Friday, June 10, 2011

Incompatible with Flash

I'm in 2 new anthologies this month. I'll post about the other one later, but the first one that is out now is Alkom'X 5 which was released by Alkbazz in France.

and here's a preview of my 3 pager:

You can buy it here for now:


I also drew this picture of a japanese girl gang beating up some boy based on a picture I saw on tumblr.

girl gang

Ink and Graphite on Stonehenge Fawn Printmaking Paper

I'm selling it for $80
email me if interested:


I also did this tattoo design commission for my buddy on the west coast, Ripley.

ripley tatt

I love doing these so you guys should commission me for tattoo designs and flash more often! C'mon!!

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Mr. Freibert said...

ha ha SICK