Friday, June 10, 2011

Incompatible with Flash

I'm in 2 new anthologies this month. I'll post about the other one later, but the first one that is out now is Alkom'X 5 which was released by Alkbazz in France.

and here's a preview of my 3 pager:

You can buy it here for now:


I also drew this picture of a japanese girl gang beating up some boy based on a picture I saw on tumblr.

girl gang

Ink and Graphite on Stonehenge Fawn Printmaking Paper

I'm selling it for $80
email me if interested:


I also did this tattoo design commission for my buddy on the west coast, Ripley.

ripley tatt

I love doing these so you guys should commission me for tattoo designs and flash more often! C'mon!!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

5 years of ccc blog....WEIRD

4 days late, but here we are.... 5 years of Blogging..........


also...IVE GOT SOME BUBBLING NEWS FOR YOU: I'd like to announce a new project, "WEIRD" a new magazine, my full on debut in the editing scene. More info in future, check out the official magazine site, and in the mean time enjoy these works of promo fan art created by Caroline Bren and myself.