Friday, May 13, 2011

Zine Screams! or HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th!

The Life and Times of Eric Gunose

My all linoleum cut zine is finally available for online consumption! You can purchase it in my store or by clicking here.

Here's a video that sort of gives you an idea of what's going on with it. It does not show you how fucking good that oil based ink smells however.

Edition of 30 (but I'm down to 10 so get them before they're gone!)
Sepia colored oil based ink on Puke Yellow 100lb paper


I've also managed to update my webcomic Rusted Skin Collection at least once a week. I also changed up the layout a bit. Check it out if you haven't already!

Rusted Skin Collection


TCAF was also awesome. I sold and traded and bought a bundle:

If you weren't there, ya blew it.


Time to maybe watch Santa Sangre or read more 7 Billion Needles and drink Dr. Pepper for the rest of the night.


Jose Luis Olivares said...

TCAF seems so super awesome. I need to go!
Sweet linoleum goodness

Patrick k. said...


"vappewol" was the capcha to post this