Monday, May 30, 2011

Moving Sale NAME YOUr PRICE!

following fast on the heals of Zach's dead child sale.
This is IT! E.T. summer moving sale, NAME YOUR PRICE!
send paypal to MISFITAKIRA(at)
YOU DECIDE HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO PAY! here's the breakdown

Minimum: $10 (the price of a tube and shipping)
Maximum: however much you want to pay in addition to $10, or just pay $10, what is it worth? THE PRICE IS RIGHT, so DONT BE CHEAP!

here's what you get at your own monetary discretion:

PROWLA book unbound, 4 double sided prints
Manga Melt print (front) 15colors double sided for fans of DEVILMAN and ASTROBOY and DBZ... NEON GENESIS... PARASYTE... BERZERK... ect...
a selection of cut trading cards

plus two prints from 2006 that i choose not to show on the internet.....
plus something else that might fit in a tube....

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