Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CCC at Osaka Zine Fair


Last Saturday I boarded a subterranean elevator, crawled through an undersea tunnel, and emerged into the afternoon light at FLOAT, the live music space in Nishikujo hosting this year's Osaka Zine Fair.

Mika and Anna did a great job organizing the show. It was exciting to see so many people in this "scene" all at one place (I mean, I had never been to something like this before in Osaka). There were several workshops, including a "Lynda Barry" workshop (no, she was not present) and a kids' activity called "Walking With Bear." Homemade snacks were on sale in the front. It was nice to relax by the river adjacent to the building. Beautiful day, too.

Hanging out on the river

There were a lot of people with different kinds of work. Not so many comics. A lot of nice Riso printing. I found out about a popular Risograph print shop in the area called Retro Jam Printing, that specializes in zines, flyers, and posters! Also, can you believe: there was another American guy who went to MICA at the same time as me! I used to see this guy around the Brown Center all the time. Small world, right? Sam is also currently in the JET program, in Nara.

Osaka Zine Fair

Osaka Zine Fair

I debuted SF Supplementary File #1, but didn't make a lot of sales until Sayaka showed up in the end & started chatting up the passersby. We went home and spent the money on pizza and read zines on the kitchen floor:

My haul

Finally, this is a giant bear head! Over and out! (P.S. Thanks to Victoria Long for the photos here -& see you next time you're in town, I hope!)

Giant Bear Head


Mr. Freibert said...

sounds like a great time, chill conventions are the best, did you find any new amazing talent?

Ryan Cecil said...

My favorite zine I got was Unintended #2, the author has a tumblr at unintendedvoices.tumblr.com

Sam Gas Can said...

wanna read that comic on the bottom-right by "Gumby"