Thursday, April 28, 2011

SF to debut at TCAF, available to order online NOW

Front Cover - see it glisten

Ryan Cecil Smith is proud to announce his new book SF will debut at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival on May 8 - 9, 2011. Look for it at the Closed Caption Comics table in the Small Press Room, curated by Wowee Zonk. As of this announcement, SF is also available to order directly via Paypal.

SF is about a little boy named Hupa Dupa whose house gets blown up by space pirates, so he's recruited into the Space Fleet Scientific Foundation Special Forces to fight them. This is a new, continuing series inspired by Matsumoto Leiji's celebrated sci-fi manga Queen Millenia.

The book is 6 5/8" x 9", 36 pages, RISO printed and hand-manufactured, $6.

Ryan Cecil Smith has been writing, drawing, and publishing comics in America, Europe, and Japan for 8 years. He is a founding member of the art blog and comics anthology Closed Caption Comics, now in its 9th issue.

Back Cover - sniff my ink
SF #1

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