Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two Eyes, news, reviews, & previews

Hey whussup everyone. I'm still waiting on my official New Year's vacation here, but there's no classes to teach anymore so I got a lot of folding and stapling done at my desk in the staffroom. And now, all 250 books (plus extras) are finished!

So I'm proud of this book and I think you should read it, but don't take my word for it, look at these nice words from others:

The Comics Reporter:

The book's primary delight, perhaps even the reason Smith is pursuing an adaptation of this specific comic, can be found in the measured, deliberate, delicious pacing. Two Eyes Of The Beautiful could be about a subject matter 10,000 times less lurid and I'd still enjoy the way in which scenes slowly unfold, providing the suggestion of 1950s women-at-the-mercy-of-their-times films and making an assertion that evil acts arise out of the pattern and shape of everyday existence.

Optical Sloth

The last issue of this series was creepy as could be, this one actually ups the ante and ads “disgusting” to the mix.

See some previews and you can buy the book at my site over HERE. It's just 5 bucks.

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