Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Closed Caption Comics issue #9 (Specccial vercccion) ONLY AVAILABLE FROM US, NOT IN STORES.

Special edition (limited to 200 copies) includes screen printed chipboard slip sleeve designed by Noel Freibert and riso printed poster designed by Chris Day and Conor Stechschulte. Only available here.

Thanks for supporting us in the best way and buying directly from our site.

$20 (+$3 s/h in USA)

$20 (+$7 s/h International, outside of USA)

here's a sampling from each piece contained within the 192 page wad. Note: Packed to the brim with comics, not a single page wasted. NO BULLSHIT! This time it's too professional, and it's too real. DON'T TOUCH ME!


crazyanimal said...

hello i found youors page at now and i mean its great art stuff.... im young graphic designer and artist srom small state name slovakia for by a honor your interest to my works so please chceck my blog and send my your opinnion...


Benn Ray said...

So this is like not ever going to be made available in stores? Like local stores? Like stores that love you? Like say Atomic Books?