Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Okay Y'all.
Here is the situation.
I have a shitload of prints and i'm trying to get rid of them and make some skrilla to finish rebuilding a my 6x10 cabinet and buy a new amp.
here comes that Noel Freibert approach.
here come the warm jets:
here come the printpacks:

The New School:
These are the 6 newest posters.
Some of these shows haven't even happened yet.
One of these glows in the dark.
All are totally screenprinted.
only $70.00 postage paid

I have only 2 of these tortoise posters available to sell.
$30.00 postage paid

The Old School:
6 prints all from 2009 or early 2010
5 screened and one giant xerox.
$45.00 postage paid

The Real Deals:
I have 3 of this package left.
4 screenprints.
2 of these are 8+ color prints.
this is a $200.00 dollar value for $90.00 postage paid

All packages will be shipped rolled in tubes
Prices apply to U.S. orders only
please e-mail
for availablity of prints or for questions regarding
international orders or special situations.

i think i love you all,


Mr. Freibert said...

"make it make it, don't fake it"

The Death said...

I will not help you buy a new amp, shitstain! You already have more gear than Tom Morello!

eelanorgracee said...

do you have any more of the cum shot/wet face cmyk prints? cuz id buy one!