Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Any Leiji Matsumoto fans among us? Fellow bloggers or commenters? I have never read his stuff but want to start. Where should I begin? Please tell me what you like of his!

Actually, scratch that, I have read the newer series of Galaxy Express 999, which I really didn't like so much, mainly because I could tell I had missed out on a lot. It takes place after the original series, which I didn't realize existed when I bought it. Maybe I should start there, but if you have something you're enthusastic about I'd love to hear it.

He's the guy who animated the Daft Punk videos!


Sam Gas Can said...

I haven't read any of the manga, but I've watched a lot of the anime, been on a wild goose chase for a good version of the original "Galaxy Express 999" for a while, ever since I saw it on the Sci-Fi channel as a youth, closest I've gotten is a third-tier children's video co. that changed Tetsuro's name to "Joey". "Adieu Galaxy Express" is pretty rad, a little slow, I'd like to see some straight-up Captain Harlock!

Ryan Cecil said...

hey sam, I found Captain Harlock on Youtube, looks like there's a lot!

Arcadia of my Youth. I have heard really good things about this recently, which is what prompted the blog post.

I think this is something a friend of mine recommended... so maybe it's good, too.

Also Sam I mentioned it on the blog a long time ago (I think) but there's another move called Galaxy Express that stars anthropormphic cats, which is very beautiful and I think inspired Matsumoto.

DerikB said...

Caption Harlock (tv eps) and Galaxy Express are on