Wednesday, August 18, 2010

posting it all over the internet

So I made a large one page comic and submitted it to a free comics newspaper. I then posted it on flickr as I do with all unpaid work, including the name of the comics newspaper I submitted it to as to promote the publication even though I know my piece might not get published. I then get a comment on facebook from the guy who puts it out telling me that if i want to get printed "then don't post it all over the goddamn internet first". It says nowhere in the submission form that I can't post my comic online, and there's no logical reason why I shouldn't, and since it's unpaid I own the comic and am only lending it to be printed for free. So fuck all that shit, I'm posting it "all over the goddamn internet".

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Ian Harker said...

Zach, send it to me I'll run it in Secret Prison #3. Good stuff.