Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Digital Bath

Neal Reinalda and I took a little dip in the digital bath (located in the house of flies) and made this virtual poster for a friends records showcase in philly next month.

Monday, August 23, 2010

E.T. Print Pack Sale (SOLD OUT)

I just recently discovered a very limited stock of prints under my bed. Thought I'd have a little print sale here at the headquarters instead of consigning them to galleries. The Prints are sold as a set. The set is limited to 8 copies. All 8 sets include the following 13 prints (the 4 prints listed directly below, 2 color variations of the trading card sheets, the unbound Prowla book with a never before seen print of Troggy's facial variations, and 3 show posters).

**TAKE NOTE** FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS!!! the first 5 sets come with additional bonus prints. See botton of post for details. For example the first set sold comes with 9 bonus prints (a total of 22 prints), the second set sold comes with 7 bonus prints, and so on. The last three sets have no bonus prints! so act fast if you want it.

All prints are screen printed and limited and will be shipped flat, securely packaged in cardboard, on first come first serve basis! Each Print Pack is sold for $65.00 ($10s/h). It's a $215 value (you are paying $5 for each print!)

act fast...

"goth lord sadistic beast" 18"x24" 5 color screen print

"Water Leaper" featured in the Beasts 2 book from fantagraphics
7 color screen print 16x16"

"Manga Melt" 15 color double sided screen print, 15x22"

"Manga Melt" reverse side

"Meet Mudflap" 4 color screen print, 12x19"

each pack has two different color variations of the "trading card sheet." double sided, 6 color print, 12.5x10.5"




Here we have the complete book "Prowla" in flat unbound form, four double sided prints. two prints are 18x24". two 11x17" These are available in the print set exclusively, never before sold!

2 color poster for a John Wiese/Grass Lung/Witch Hat show. 18x24"

2 color poster for Dan's tour, 11x17"

HERE'S THE ICING ON THE CAKE: 2 color Soiled Mattress and the Springs poster, with art by the likes of Matthew Thurber, Lane Milburn, Conor Stechschulte, and myself, super limited and obscure! 22x15"

**FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS, click the pic to see the bonus prints for the first 5 customers.

-First set includes all above bonus prints
-Second set includes Row2, Row3, and Beyond
-Third set includes Row2, Row3, and Beyond
-Fourth set includes Row3 and Beyond
-Fifth set includes Beyond
-sets 6,7,8 have no bonus prints **

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

posting it all over the internet

So I made a large one page comic and submitted it to a free comics newspaper. I then posted it on flickr as I do with all unpaid work, including the name of the comics newspaper I submitted it to as to promote the publication even though I know my piece might not get published. I then get a comment on facebook from the guy who puts it out telling me that if i want to get printed "then don't post it all over the goddamn internet first". It says nowhere in the submission form that I can't post my comic online, and there's no logical reason why I shouldn't, and since it's unpaid I own the comic and am only lending it to be printed for free. So fuck all that shit, I'm posting it "all over the goddamn internet".

Sunday, August 15, 2010

CCC take over Attentiondeficitdisorderlyalltooflatseantcollins

hey you,
caught in the web?
looking around?
join us over here for a week long CCC take over.

will sean recover from the stain? Will Wizard fans be "in" to "it"? Will issue 9 ever see the light of day?

only future can tell.........

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Whartscape Z010

A little late posting this, but here is a shitty photo of my Whartscape poster.
Arab on Radar killed faces off. Good times were had.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sunday, August 01, 2010