Sunday, January 24, 2010

you are invited to "The Comic Art of Mr. Freibert"

You are invited to "The Comic Art of Mr. Freibert"
Presented byMirkwood Estates, the 9th event of a monthly performance and visual art series, curated by Jimmy Joe Roche.

ONE NIGHT ONLY! Thursday, January 28th. from 7PM-10PM.
Mirkwood Estates is located at 701 East 33rd (corner of 33rd and Frisby)
Free and open to the public. Seasoned rice and juice to those who arrive early.

A note from the artist:

In a small and intimate community environment, I will present to you some of my recent comic works: "Mr. Cellars Attic," "My Best Pet," and (if room permits) "Son of a Gun." On this occasion I will show to you the rarely viewed original and uncolored pages of these works. You should know that this is something I am usually opposed to doing. You see, these drawings are made to be printed. They are incomplete in their 'original' state. TAKE NOTE: The original pages serve as an artifact, a chance to discover something new about the work, a chance to see the drawings in their original size, and a moment to shed some light on my process. The real 'work' is the printed books. We'll have some printed copies of "My Best Pet" on hand for your viewing pleasure. When approached with the idea of this show, I was very excited, and due to the particular circumstances of the space (an intimate environment where it is possible for me to be present for the entire duration) I've chosen to show what I have previously dubbed "off limits." The art reception will take place from 7pm-8pm, and will be followed by some performances.

If you are looking for a more challenging show, one that addresses the physical space of a gallery, some play with sculpture and painting, I urge you to attend this show on February 6, 2010. But if you are interested in a look into the comics medium, and the unveiling of "Mr. Cellar's Attic" in its 'original' and uncolored nudity (the entire 'printed' work is colored), I'll expect to see you here, in Baltimore.

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