Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two Eyes, news, reviews, & previews

Hey whussup everyone. I'm still waiting on my official New Year's vacation here, but there's no classes to teach anymore so I got a lot of folding and stapling done at my desk in the staffroom. And now, all 250 books (plus extras) are finished!

So I'm proud of this book and I think you should read it, but don't take my word for it, look at these nice words from others:

The Comics Reporter:

The book's primary delight, perhaps even the reason Smith is pursuing an adaptation of this specific comic, can be found in the measured, deliberate, delicious pacing. Two Eyes Of The Beautiful could be about a subject matter 10,000 times less lurid and I'd still enjoy the way in which scenes slowly unfold, providing the suggestion of 1950s women-at-the-mercy-of-their-times films and making an assertion that evil acts arise out of the pattern and shape of everyday existence.

Optical Sloth

The last issue of this series was creepy as could be, this one actually ups the ante and ads “disgusting” to the mix.

See some previews and you can buy the book at my site over HERE. It's just 5 bucks.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Closed Caption Comics issue #9 (Specccial vercccion) ONLY AVAILABLE FROM US, NOT IN STORES.

Special edition (limited to 200 copies) includes screen printed chipboard slip sleeve designed by Noel Freibert and riso printed poster designed by Chris Day and Conor Stechschulte. Only available here.

Thanks for supporting us in the best way and buying directly from our site.

$20 (+$3 s/h in USA)

$20 (+$7 s/h International, outside of USA)

here's a sampling from each piece contained within the 192 page wad. Note: Packed to the brim with comics, not a single page wasted. NO BULLSHIT! This time it's too professional, and it's too real. DON'T TOUCH ME!

E.T. Variety magazine #1 (Chip Hughes and Noel Freibert) (sold out)

The new deluxe collaborative series. Chip says "It's really abstract." Noel says "It's the weirdest book I've made to date." E.T. pulls out all the stops on this year long correspondence mission. Four color screen printed covers. 28 blue riso printed interior pages with two pages full color xerox. Also includes an 8x7" four color screen printed insert and a 11x17 five color riso printed poster. Be prepared for surprises and tap into a world of unlimited textural pleasure. "There's just nothing like it!"

$10 (postage paid in USA)

(sold out forever)

Friday, December 10, 2010


come to Open Space, Dec.11th 8PM

fresh new culture:

"E.T. Variety Magazine #1" collaboration between Chip Hughes and Noel Freibert, a new deluxe style book. Noel says "This is the weirdest book I've made to date." take a chance.

CLOSED CAPTION COMICS #9, get the special edition. includes: screen print slip-cover with riso printed poster. limited to 200 copies.

last but not least...
"Visible Matter (above ground)" CLOSING, last chance to decide for yourself.

you might experience thoughts like "why am i standing in a room?"
and then... "why does the air smell oppressively clean?"
finally... "is this good?"

breathe deep

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Greetings. I have been working since March on a new long-form graphic novel project called TWELVE GEMS. It's a comedic sci-fi space epic starring three heroic characters enlisted to travel the galaxy in search of twelve magical gems. Their benefactor - an eccentric and reclusive scientist named Dr. Z - pays them a hefty sum at the outset to cover the expenses of the endeavor. He doesn't actually know what the twelve gems do once obtained, but myths, theories, and rumors abound throughout the galaxy. The three heroes - with some reluctance - choose to undertake the mysterious task and regard it as a sort of paid vacation and an escape from their shady pasts.

The when, where, and how of this project remain unknown. For now, enjoy these preview pages. (They are sequential but not necessarily adjacent to eachother - much is omitted).

Lane M.

CCC 9 Baltimore Release Party!

December 11th


Friday, December 03, 2010


Available at Brooklyn Cocktails and Grabass Fest this weekend:
16 pgs. riso printed in blue
screen printed 4-color covers.
rot gut contents, drawings, collages, flesh, bone, etc...

Also available as part of a one time only package deal
3 books and 2 exclusive prints
for only $16
bound together with a hand printed paper band
You can't beat that with a stick.
print and package pictured below:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two Eyes of the Beautiful II

Two Eyes of the Beautiful II

Two Eyes of the Beautiful II, pp. 7-8

Two Eyes of the Beautiful II, pp. 35-36

Run, don't walk, to Brooklyn NY. Rush, don't stroll, to the CCC table and buy, don't browse, not the first but the second issue of TWO EYES OF THE BEAUTIFUL, the grotesque-not-gorgeous horror-not-comedy-manga-not-motion-picture-adaption of Umezu Kazuo's classic "Blood Baptism."

Monday, November 29, 2010

Attention all audiences







Debuting in limited quantities at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, this Saturday.

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