Monday, December 07, 2009

"My Best Pet/ Feeble-Minded Funnies"

Here we go! the split of the year! "My Best Pet/ Feeble-Minded Funnies." flip it around, touch it. 32 pages with 4-color screen printed covers. 8.5"x7" big book. E.T. Press USA limited.

Lane Milburn brings two graphic "oldee tailes" to the table "Steel Brutality" and "PukeBall." What can tame a metal minded beast? Who will buy this fucking zine? ...some questions... some answers.

Mr. Freibert lays it low with "basement boy presents: My Best Pet." Crawl into a world of pet conventions, animal abuse, and pre-teen captivity. you'll never step foot in your basement again...

$7.50 postage paid in america

$9.50 postage paid to Canada

expect the best

also, new LLORT2 tape now available from the store.


Sam Gas Can said...

Noel Troll and Lane Brain are having a...BLEACH PARTY!!!

Anonymous said...

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