Tuesday, December 22, 2009

After Thought.

This video is important to my argument, my thoughts, and my work. I just recently found this video and it is too "perfect" (in terms of content) when placed next to my comic, "My Best Pet." So I thought it would be nice of me to share this with you. Even though it appears that I have closed the door on this conversation. I'm still breathing and thinking about it. After seeing Sean's list of works that "elucidate something about cruelty." I've come to some new conclusions, and i will share these with you in the not so distant future. I just need further time to analyze and hypothesize, you see, I'm a scientist at heart.
In this moment of void, I leave you with this...

this video is by youtube member "firstemperor984" (it includes clips taken from Wiener Aktionists films) here's what the uploader says about the video:

"(it's) a project for an art essay It's about the "Wiener Aktionismus" and about where you have to set the border for art. The part in school is made by us, and the others are of the Wiener Aktionismus."

"Thanks, if I'm honest didn't really expect positive responses at all, scince the video itself is already on the borderline of acceptanse for many people. The sequences were taken by the one dragged through the hall (he was the one who came up with this, I was mainly responsible for editing and filming). He filmed it in an exhibition in vienna.
Sry for the late response."

Idee, Director, Actor, Sound: Michael Warga
Actress: Sarah Janderka
Editing, Camera, Sound: me"


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google "rape tunnel"

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