Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Culture

I uploaded some old pics of a Witch Hat show from, uhh, 2007? Man, you guys look(ed) good!





Also, I was searching for pictures of my hometown of Pickens, South Carolina on Flickr for a culture presentation, and the first 20 results looked like this:

Okay, well, sayonara!


BVS said...

I love how the one guy's got his hand in his pocket and he's slouching holding his sign crooked.
the other old people are sitting down with their sign propped on the ground. the one dude spelled "surely" wrong.

the laziest protesters ever, but I guess what else do you expect from Gen X these days.

noel troll said...

thanks for the pics ryan, did you show those protest pics to your class?

Ryan Cecil said...

Haw haw, BVS, yeah they probably dropped out of high school to smoke drugs.

Nah, too difficult to explain!