Friday, June 19, 2009

Blurry Progress Report

Here are the two comics (respectively titled "Held Sinister" and "Two Broken Branches" )I've been drawing at work (to come out in a new zine tentatively titled "Darkness Doing"):

Here is the comic I've been drawing at home. The first chapter in an ongoing series titled "Silence Country"

...yes those are my thighs in the background.


blaise said...

those look gorgeous.

Ryan Cecil said...

Too blurry! Get a scanner!

Hey Conor are your thighs thinner now than they were when you were training last year? Man you had some hot thighs!

Hey Lane remember when you drew that comic ready-to-photocopy? Like Page 7 next to Page 2 on the original? I want to do that.


Ryan, yeah I think that was for the Summonertime Blues thing I never finished.
Conor, loox neatt you blurry baby.

snack hazard said...

fuck yeah!

Panayioti said...

That looks like a Sakura Maku print in the background only tiny, or a postcard of a Chris Johansen painting!!
Hello, Baltimore!

Adam said...

Has that been published yet? I would like to have one whenever it comes out..

Anonymous said...

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