Monday, May 25, 2009


I am at the very far left of this picture, horns up.
Yesterday I attended day 3 of the Maryland Deathfest. I really just wanted to see Absu and Aura Noir so I only went on Sunday (It's a three-day event with 55 bands from all over the world. I was told that fans came from 80 countries to see the show! It's huge!)

Before the show.

I had some beers and a cheeseburger and wandered around, checking out the many vendors.

I took a few photos indoors of the opening bands but they didn't really turn out. Also I wasn't very interested in the bands. The ones I wanted to see played on the stage outside next to the 83 overpass.

Absu has been one of my favorite bands for 8 or 9 years, and I'm so glad I got meet Proscriptor, the band's drummer/singer/lyricist and only original member. He and the rest of the band were way cool.

First outdoor band: The Red Chord. Bro-tastic technical Grind.

Absu setting up. The band's lyrics centered around both Sumerian and Celtic mythology. Themes include alchemy, numerology, spellcasting, warfare.

At the beginning of Absu's set they all stood still like this as an ambient track with ominous drums and sound effects played. Then they broke into the set and proceeded to rip the shit out of it. Surely the most killer thing I have ever seen.

Proscriptor plays amazingly fast, complex drum patterns while singing. The Brian Chippendale of metal! Between songs he stood up and ranted very theatrically in his rasping metal voice: "YOU WANT FUCKING THIRD STORM OF THE CYTHRAUL, WELL HERE YOU'LL FUCKING GET IT!!! HIGHLAND TYRANT ATTAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!"

Zawicizuz killing it.

Ezizu killing it.

Aethyris killing it.

Next was Abscess. Filthy-as-shit old-school scumbag Death Metal. The drummer looks like G.G. Allin/Rob Halford and wears a leather collar.

Aura Noir from Norway. Raw-as-shit kick-your-teeth-in Blackened Thrash. Fucking crushed skulls.

I left early and did miss a few good bands but I mainly just wanted to see Absu. I had a blast.

Prowl the night, fuckers!


noel troll said...

wow, did you get any cool stuff? find any rare cassettes with your art on it?

BVS said...

I Picked up the Mage's Tower from some Canadians at TCAF. it's was great. are you going to be at MOCCA?


I won't be at MOCCA but Picturebox will be carrying a new Cold Heat Special by Frank Santoro and myself. I'm also in the midst of working on a super-project (a long horror story) for the Xeric.

Noel: haha no, but I bet there were people there who knew of my tape. I saw a guy with a backpatch of this German band for which I had done some art.