Sunday, March 08, 2009


Hey folks. Yours truly is featured in Meagazine. I put together a group of quotes from stuff that got me psyched to make the Spirit World books and some of the things I'm slangin now too. Learn more about other Baltimore subjects such as Psychic Friends, Ecstatic Sunshine, Humiliation, and Pet Ownership. Check it before you wreck it.


Ryan Cecil said...

Great, reading dude. Really nice photo collage in the middle, too. How many have you done? Are those going into a book? Man I'm out of the loop ... and, Maegazine is really different than I remember it, or is it? It's nicer with only 5 features on the site. Is there still a print version?

Tee See Yes said...

I've done about two. more to come. maybe in a book??? there is no longer a print version. it exists only as data as all of us one day will. thanks for kind werds.