Monday, March 02, 2009


Go buy/rent/download SPEED RACER, your essays are due Friday.

Seriously, I am thinking about this movie all the time and want you to have seen it before I post about it. Comment if you think this movie sux or rulz. Looking at Rotten Tomatoes is cheating.


The American Dream Chaser said...

This film was the highest budget art house film I have ever seen. Truly a visionary work that was ahead of it's time and managed to critique the vital issues of today.

Will said...

luved it. mostly because of how huge and intense it was to see it in a theater, not so sure it would affect me as much on a macbook or something.

i didn't know it was the wachowskis until the credits, actually. but up until then, i kept getting the sense that this movie was made by people who had SEEN movies but never made them?

BVS said...

I watched this movie for free at Imax it was a really bizarre experience.
in Imax it's like all the pores on John Goodman's gigantic face skin are right in front of you like a fleshy rock climbing wall. so it was hard to not get distracted by that kind of thing.
I have no idea what it would be like to watch this movie the regular way.

Ryan Cecil said...

Which "vital issues," exactly, American Dream Chaser?? Go on..!

That's funny, Will. All I know the Wachowski brothers for is the Matrix, and I think the movies have, er, nothing really in common! The slavishness to recreating the spirit of a child's cartoon (with really expensive modern grafix) gives it this naive feeling but it's all pieced together so well.

I'd like to watch this movie the regular way too (not on my Macbook) but, yeah, IMAX sounds extreme....... I think the best way is a big TV screen with a Blu-Ray player, that sounds right in the middle.

The American Dream Chaser said...

over saturation

Ryan Cecil said...


The movie's family-friendliness goes a long way.