Saturday, November 15, 2008

A small book of travel records

Sample Spread 2, originally uploaded by ryancecilsmith.

Some friends and I spent the weekend outside of our prefecture for sightseeing and sake drinking and here's the result. My second travel diary in Japan is a bit longer, has more writing, and uses exciting experiemental print processes. 28 pages, B6 size.

Would you like to have one? International shipping is now available.



this looks great!

noel troll said...

beautiful, what printmaking process did you use?

Ryan Cecil said...

The first exciting new process has been to use real zip-a-tone dots in a lot of my work! I found out how common and cheap they are here and now I use them on a lot of finished drawings and in sketchbooks.

Second, the book is printed on a weird and awesome Japanese photocopier that uses a kind of liquid? toner/ink. It's the same as the last zines I sent over. The stuff blows my mind: it always prints DEEP black, it takes a few seconds to dry while the papers sit in the tray, and it still can smudge later if you rub it hard. It's not the most archival but it looks so good.

I'm writing enthusiastically about this, but to someone on the internet this is just a plain old photocopier. I've never used it before and I love it.