Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lovely and cute Miss Yawara

issue11, originally uploaded by ryancecilsmith.

This book is about exactly what it says: a fashionable judo girl! A local manga shop regularly puts books without jackets out for free. I drive by every day and I take everything (maybe 30 books a week, usually in sets of 5 or 6 or more). Some are really bad but most are fine.

Yawara is one of my favorites, and it definitely has the nicest production of any set I've picked up: Two-tone covers, with Miss Yawara in a different outfit each time, are followed by several pages of colored introduction. The storytelling is pretty clear and fun (click through to see on my flickr) and the story is an odd blend of typical boys' and girls' manga. Yawara is a cute fashionable girl, but she participates in tournaments that look exactly like DBZ.

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