Friday, September 19, 2008

New Lyrthas demo tape!

24 minutes of retro heavy metal meltdown!  First release since Jan. '03!  Blistering, spiny, coarse, sharp, high-flying, outdoorsy tunes.  Rexorded over found cassettes.  Namedrop: Mercyful Fate, Destruction, Accept, maybe a little Meat Puppets?!?  Themes and keywords: darkness, paranoia, shady glades, wind in trees at night, ambush, weapons, the past, museums, retribution, wild animals.     
or send $5 to
Lane Milburn
1300 Mt. Royal Ave.
Baltimore MD 21217
(you will also get a free zine or two)


Sam Gas Can said...

FUCK. I will so fucking trade you my new fucking tape for this at SPX so fucking hard. Our table is right fucking next to yours!

maggot girth said...

lane this is max guy i would like to purchase a tape from you so since you're around the mica campus i'll talk to you next time i see you