Sunday, September 28, 2008

Signs and Artwork ID + OR

One of my Favorites...

And just a little down the road...

On Display at the Sumpter Stockade:

Henry never came out of his bear house while I was there. Mitchell, OR

Apparently the source of darkness in American metal is somewhere outside of Dayville, OR

Signs and Artwork WY

In the middle of nowhere.

Selections from the Carbon County Fair Art Exhibition, Rawlins WY:

This one won the blue ribbon for a reason.

Jackalope from a Dubois, WY gas station. 1$ for a picture in the saddle.

Safety warning from Yellowstone.

Signs and Artwork KS + CO

Earth art outside of Bazine, KS.

Miniatures by a Bazine-based artist.


This guy helped build the "Christ Pilot Me" sign when he was 14 back in 1949. He'd just made these stone miniatures. Yours for 30$

Saw this place the same day I neglected (much to my regret) to eat in or take a picture of the "Glory Hole Cafe" in Hot Sulphur Springs.

Signs and Artwork IL, MO, KS

Chester IL, home of Popeye.

Bathroom in MO.

Pittsburg, KS.

Signs and Artwork KY+IL

Beautiful barn.


. . .

Dreadlocks recommended but not required.

Signs and Artwork VA+KY

A clear Virginia day on Foggy Mountain road.

The road I took out of Christiansburg, I shit you not.

This one reminded me of my favorite deep sea creature.

From the Berea art gallery I think it's called something like "The Bully Gets His Due"

Also from Berea, a weaving sample.

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Lyrthas demo tape!

24 minutes of retro heavy metal meltdown!  First release since Jan. '03!  Blistering, spiny, coarse, sharp, high-flying, outdoorsy tunes.  Rexorded over found cassettes.  Namedrop: Mercyful Fate, Destruction, Accept, maybe a little Meat Puppets?!?  Themes and keywords: darkness, paranoia, shady glades, wind in trees at night, ambush, weapons, the past, museums, retribution, wild animals.     
or send $5 to
Lane Milburn
1300 Mt. Royal Ave.
Baltimore MD 21217
(you will also get a free zine or two)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


New drawing for a show in Copenhagen, Denmark at MOHS Exhibit.

Peter Taylor, Nathaniel Russell, Carol Es, Other, Doodles, Randy Laybourne, Justin B.Williams, Owen Plummer, Zane Kozak, Nic Burrows, Joanna Price, Bang, Ben Jacques, Ty Danylchuk, Howie Tsui, Marco Zamora, Tracy Maurice, Kinoko, Andy Rementer, Alex Chiu, Billy Mavreas, Peter Thompson, Michael DeForge, Mark Price, Useless Idea, Mike Perry, Daniel Gonzalez, A J Purdy, Scott Barry, Dean Sullivan, Timothy Karpinski, Zeesy Powers, Errol Richardson, Ben Marcus, C C Walton, Maxwell Paternoster, Stephen Tompkins, Jonathan Boam, Matt Moroz Michael Rytz, Matteo Gualandris, Jonathan Ryan Storm, Emanuel Kabu, Andrew Neyer and Luke Ramsey.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

There's so much more where this came from

You can find all kinds of impossible-to-read magazines with cool photos and illustrations and calligraphy here! But you don't find a fold-out Moebius portfolio every day! And if it comes with a special section on the heroines of scifi all the better.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


edition of 60. 24 white, 24 safety green, 12 purple. $17 includes shipping. ALL SHIRTS SOLD OUT.

head over to the E.T. store for all of your liquid needs


i submitted these to the baltimore city paper comic contest