Thursday, October 11, 2007

shnew for shyou

how to describe? well peechiesa is a cheatsheet/introduction/blurb from mids to begins to ends of a much longer story of sorts that begins when a hippie is stretching in a piss filled bed and suddenly becomes cursed by the bone of a snake (snakebone) which inevitably turns him into a sex crazed cat guru who gains a large following of nasties...etc etc but thats only in the works, tomorrow debuting at spx is this short but tall 40" x 19" (when unfolded) screenprinted on both sides accordion "book" that is to be read in no particular fashion... (pictured above folded up & sealed in a wrapper)



james pancakes said...

"is to be read for in no particular fashion"?? you gotta squat over it!

N said...

you gotta spread it open real wide before you squat