Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I was playing with watercolors and reading fashion magazines. Also, there's a cute picture of me and Lane Milburn in there (now roommates).

I've been carrying around Joann Sfar's published sketchbook Missionaire with me, and it inspired me to pull out a (cheap) set of watercolors and draw with something different for a change. I really like that he so frequently anthropomorphizes people in his work, particularly in his daily sketches: not just characters in childrens' stories (which he does) but also himself, strangers, friends, all to varying degrees. There's this great page in the sketchbook, for instance, where he does a few drawings of two friends talking and he subtly changes them in each one so that they go from humans to cartoon bird-people. I haven't always liked this kind of thing but maybe my enthusiasm comes from my love of Christophe Blain's expressive charicatures. Sfar's doing something similar (e.g. He usually draws himself as a bear, but it's sometimes a tiny childish one and sometimes a big pouchy one, depending on the context. And sometimes he's a human).

More! frequent posts to come!

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