Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ciao Ragazzi! sorry it has taken me so long to post 'ere. I see Ryan's been doing a much better job of blogging the visual end of his travels. I have to present to you some images from an issue of an italian HEAVY METAL-esque comics magazine circa. 1980. Pretty cool fantasy-based stuff I imagine lane + noel'll get boners to....but some stupids here are using up 99.9 percent of the bandwith to do loud annoying video later hopefully. please gimme some info on what's been decided in terms of the next issue! awesome.


nfreibert said...

yo conor, for the next issue gail is giving us funding. We have to write a grant proposal and are working on writting out the specifics for it soon. We were going to try and do maybe a die-cut and letterpressed outside cover with a screenprinted inside cover. Howie gave us a show in the high altitude gallery. we put crepusculine2 and some of the extra print outs of your stuff from V5 in it. how is everything going?


i want to see this magazine. p.s. we will have lots of scr33nprinted covers on issue 666. we are printed the contents same way, same day. keep in touch,, COWARRRRRRD.