Monday, October 30, 2006

Hey ever'body,

Better put my stuff on the blog, too... contact at

Toy birds for two dollars! Cute and fun friends! Four differenet birds, all screenprinted on cardboard with movable parts. Some assembly required! (You clip on the base)

The Disagreeaable Ghost is a five-color screenprinted book. Mystery, arguments, and fun characters. These are seven dollars.

Finally, Gem Cave is my newest book. It's much bigger, much more elaborate, and has many more colors than anything prior. Fifteen dollars.

Oh oh oh oh and also,

"Black Earth" is a four-color screenprint from a passage in the Iliad. Only ten dollars!

Also, I have a pop-up minicomic with a screenprinted cover called "Howie." It's two dollars, but you're warned that Howie is a REAL person who is REALLY dangerous and I REALLY DON'T RECOMMEND CAUSING TROUBLE WITH HIM.

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