Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hails all,
I've been continuing work on new things during my off-time here at pre-college. RISEN FROM THE GRAVE is done, and a new one (untitled so far, about a message from outer space) is in progress, plus sev'ral new drwgs, all to be skand soon. Here are some images of early 80's cover art for the Japanese metal band SABBAT. This stuff was my #1 inspiration when i did metal album art and I thought it might rilly gets yr dcks hard too. You can check out their whole (huge) discography with awesom art and titles here. i think the media (MANIA) section is down but you should be able to find a site with samples thru gogouelesurch. not to be confused with the british metal band of the same name.

PS check this out! this is a fan page for the band LORD FOUL, a really obscure supposed "joke black metal" act from Kentucky. they released a demo in the early 90's, which is actually adored by lots of metal fans - it sounds good despite the intent. check ouit "Infernal Adulation" and "I burn for you" (which was covered by the more popular German BM act Nargaroth).

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consider my D as firm as a stainless steel diamond encrusted sword