Monday, June 05, 2006

Hail Sathanas,
I've been working on some Satanik Surprisez for CCC5, all of which are surely enough to damn your soul eternally...
For now, here are some comics drawn by my old friend Jim when we were in middle school. I have his permizzion to publish these and I thought they may be of use for CCC5. I have x-large verzionz. I have the power. I have the force. I have the will to make my evil take its course.
Have a nice 6-6-06, all

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nfreibert said...

these comics are so funny, i've been been working on some satanic comics too, i was thinking about putting out a comic called "black mass" and i was thinking it might be cool if we made it another split comic. i've started two small comics for it they're basically about sacrifices and fighting with satanic powers. i wanna do the covers on black paper with one screen of glow in the dark ink so that you won't be able to read the cover unless you are in the dark. if you are interested we should each try to do about twenty pages each and i think i want it to be the 8inch by 8inch format